Our attorneys work with clients on eDiscovery, the electronic process for identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation.

These investigations can be complex as they involve very large amounts of dynamic data that include identifying properties such as time and date stamps and author and recipient details.

Electronically stored information can include:

  • email

  • documents

  • presentations

  • databases

  • voicemail

  • audio and video files

  • social media

  • websites

Data Breaches

Effectively managing data breaches and cyber attacks is crucial for businesses and organizations. There is no escaping the increasing threat of these attacks, and even the most prepared company can be vulnerable.

We assist clients with developing data security breach notification procedures before events occur and when there is a breach, we help clients implement their plans and take action in a decisive, responsive manner that is in compliance with law.

Our firm counsels substantial health care providers with HIPAA privacy and medical records security and compliance issues in an effort to minimize their risk and exposure.


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