Tax Exempt Health Care & Nonprofit Organizations

Legal counsel is integral to the formation of a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Our attorneys assist clients in obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, complying with federal and state laws governing fundraising, and with the unique legal issues facing tax-exempt organizations.

We counsel health care nonprofit, tax-exempt clients on a variety of matters, including: 

  • Corporate governance and IRS “best practices”

  • Form 990 reporting obligations

  • Excess benefit transactions

  • Intermediate sanctions and rebuttable presumption of reasonable

  • Executive compensation

  • Preparation and filing of Form 1023 seeking tax-exempt status

  • Certificates of incorporation and bylaws

  • Conflict of interest policies

  • Tax implications of joint ventures between for profit and nonprofit providers

  • IRS audits

  • Charities Bureau registration

  • Fundraising issues

  • New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act

  • Franchise, sales and use taxes, and property tax exemptions