Joint Venures, Multi-provider Networks and Business Partnerships

The shift in payment models from volume to value is bringing unlikely partners together for collaborative alliances that are transforming the health care industry. The increase in health care partnerships and collaborations is mostly for financial and strategic positioning reasons but also to add value to organizations and improve access to care and patient experiences.

These new business partnership models require a legal team with a solid understanding of both health care and business law. Because of our health care industry focus, our legal team is uniquely poised to offer valuable insights on identifying opportunities for growth and diversification. We have been instrumental in evaluating and developing collaborative arrangements between various group practices and system providers.

Our attorneys develop governance and business models that meet the special demands of New York law. We work with a range of clients (primary care, rural networks, multi-provider, multistate systems operating in large metropolitan areas) in developing and implementing vertical and horizontal integration strategies. This includes clinical integration and the formation of various forms of physician-hospital organizations.

Our firm has successfully assisted groups in exploring options, advantages and conflicts for a wide range of integrated relationships.