Affiliations, Acquisitions and Sales

Ongoing changes and an increased focus on health care integration, quality outcomes, new payment models and efficiency are causing major shifts in all health care settings. As delivery systems evolve, more attention is being given to alliances among health care providers that the most open-minded leader might have previously deemed unimaginable.  

Our firm has significant experience in the merger, acquisition and sale of health care-related businesses, with both for-profit and nonprofit entities.  These transactions include asset sales, stock sales, mergers and consolidations with some being the result of the purchase of assets through bankruptcy court proceedings.

We guide clients through due diligence review, focusing attention on important areas of exposure, while controlling the cost and length of the process in a manner that reflects the nature of the transaction.

We represent clients in all aspects of these transactions, including certificate of need applications, tax-exempt bond financing, the acquisition or sale of real estate, and the construction of new facilities.

Considerations for hospital mergers infographic